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Pop, Rock, Glam-rock singer Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein was born Phyu Phyu Thein in 1981 in Rangoon, Burma. She started singing in her teens in a church choir. While studying to become a doctor, she self-released her first album with the help of friends who were inspired by the then 19-year old saying "I want to become a world famous singer" in a country which no longer knew the world and which the world had largely forgotten.

Dividing her time between studying during the day and recording her 2002 debut album ‘Nothing To Do With Him Anymore’ by night, Phyu Phyu met legendary Burmese rock band Iron Cross in the studio. They invited her as opening act for their 2003 concerts, providing the chance for Phyu Phyu to combine her powerful voice with her unprecedented style of stage performance. Her live shows earned her rave reviews, a fan base, and hailed Phyu Phyu as the new face of rock in Myanmar.

The next ten years saw Phyu Phyu in a constant cat and mouse game with the country’s strict political and social censorship machine, her videos at times banned because of her ‘unusual style of singing’ or because her lips ‘moved too sensual’.

Following the releases of Phyu Phyu’s subsequent solo albums ‘The Curse of Love' (2007), ‘Memoir of a Diva’ (2011) and ‘Damsel in Distress’ (2012), Phyu Phyu firmly established herself as Myanmar’s top female artist, earning awards for best selling artist, critical acclaim for alternating skilfully between Burmese and English language during her rock and musical performances, and respect for recording her own original compositions.

Her most recent album ‘Thou Shalt Be Remembered’ (2015) evokes past atrocities committed by anti-democratic forces. Featuring the controversial song ‘War’, the album takes a critical look at Myanmar’s past, and sends a hopeful note for the future.

Phyu Phyu performed across Asia, Australia, the US and Europe. She represented Myanmar at the 40th anniversary ASEAN concert in Singapore (2007), headlined the MTV EXIT Live in Myanmar concert alongside Jason Mraz in front of 70.000 people (2012), performed together with the Dutch Metropole Orchestra at the Masterpeace concert in Amsterdam (2014), and featured as a performer and judge at South Korea's Galaxy Star singing contest (2017).

Phyu Phyu has served as celebrity ambassador for UNICEF, MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Human Trafficking), MANA (Myanmar Anti-Narcotics Association) and MasterPeace. She was also elected General Secretary of the Myanmar Music Association. Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein is currently working on her 7th album, which sees her collaborate with the NUAC orchestra on a fusion of traditional and Western music.

“With her flamboyant wardrobe and a diva’s voice, Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein is seen as Burma’s Lady Gaga” – Sydney Morning Herald